Azadoota releases new music video ‘Bruni’

Comedic song is set in a mansion in California

January 2019 | By Joe Snell | Photos contributed

NEW SOUTH WALES — Contemporary Assyrian band Azadoota has released a new music video for their single “Bruni”.

The song, from their 2008 album “Planetarian”, released on Jan. 20 and is a comedic representation of an Assyrian mother treating her son like a literal king.

Founder of Azadoota Robin Zirwanda wrote the song when he was inspired by an early morning phone call to the band’s drummer, Evan Yako. Yako was still living at home at the time and when Yako’s mother answered the phone, Robin heard her wake Evan with, “Bruni, qoo”. The song is told from different points of view including the mother, narrator, and son.

During Azadoota’s 2018 tour across the United States, the band performed for the Assyrian Arts Institute’s gala event at the Morgan Estate in Los Altos Hills, California. That location inspired the band to shoot their next music video.

“The setting was so stunning, we sought permission to film there,” said music video producer Elle Zirwanda. “The magnificence of the location suits the comedy of ‘Bruni’ perfectly. For a song about a mum who treats her son like a prince, where better to shoot than a castle?”

The video was produced, designed, directed, and edited by Elle Zirwanda and stars Robin Zirwanda, Stuart Vandegraaff, Rodrigo Simoes, Zac Haider-Keene, and Emilio Palazzolo Dublanc. The video also features Josh Zirwanda as ‘Bruni’.

Joseph Hakobi of Shamiram Media was the director of photography and shot the video with the band in September of 2018. Editing was finished in early January.

Here are some reactions to the video from around the world:

“Azadoota takes an Assyrian cliche and displays it in a positive way. It still makes people (especially those yimmas) think about their actions and the way they raise their sons.”

Robina Lajin
Frankfurt, Germany

“The song is very similar to many Assyrian households. It’s a catchy song that connects you to traditions and (Azadoota’s) colorful attire connects me to our ancient kings.”

Shamiran Echi
Chicago, Illinois

“It’s so catchy! (My wife) and I watched it five times in a row and then we caught ourselves humming the melody or singing it and laughing about it for the next two days.”

Anthony Narsi
Turlock, California

Learn more about Azadoota

Azadoota was founded in 1996 and is known for blending traditional music from different cultures including a horns section, rhythm guitar, brass instruments, guira and tambourine. They also wear iconic traditional Assyrian attire.

Based in Australia, Azadoota performs next at the Monkey Magic Bar in Sydney. Later this year, they are traveling to Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory of Australia to celebrate the 2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages.

Learn more about Azadoota by visiting their Facebook page.

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