Russian Assyrians host AJM for youth exchange

German youth association joins Russians for international collaboration to promote dialogue, unity June 2018 | Photos contributed | By Robina Lajin Correction: This youth exchange was not the first ever Assyrian youth exchange between Germany and Russia, as previously reported. RUSSIA – Nine members of the Assyrian Youth Association of Germany (AJM…

MARA – the unofficial archive of all things Assyrian

International collection preserves Assyrian customs, traditions May 2018 | Photos contributed | By Ramsen Shamon This story is part of a larger collection of articles covered during the first annual Assyrian National Policy Conference, held on Thursday, May 17 through Saturday, May 19th in Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C.  – At the…



World News

Rebuilding Iraq one book at a time

Etuti Institute builds library in Nineveh Plains October 2018 | By Joe Snell | Photos contributed Nineveh Plains, Iraq  – The Etuti Youth Center’s new library in Northern Iraq is not your typical local library. Nearly empty shelves surround a single wooden table and a couch, built into the far edge of…

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Vote Assyrian fights for a seat at the table

The Assyrian Journal| October 2017 | Photos contributed | By Joe Snell Chicago – Last January, Ashur Shiba joined 61 Assyrian community leaders throughout Chicago to become a certified deputy registrar. The event was part of Vote Assyrian, an initiative started in 2015 by Billy Haido and Ramsin Benjamin that registers…

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